Sunday, January 08, 2012

The PiKasso Movement

A few months ago I introduced my brand online. I was a little hesitant, however through the support of friends and family, I took my chances. Generally, feedbacks were amazing The PiKasso Movement prides itself in providing hand painted variety of products from an array of framed personal paintings, hand painted tropical tote bags, limited fabric painted dresses and the likes whether intricate or diverse it may be. Our ultimate goal is to provide a reputation of quality for boulevard art with genre ranging from contemporary, pop art, abstract, cosmopolitan, and tribal/surrealism. Fundamentally, museums and galleries are the only places to visit and experience art, The PiKasso Movement shares in the idea of the alternative; to experience art in all corners of the region even in your own wears.

Our primary image focus on materials of quality canvas , leather and paints! Right now we have goodies that you can fall in love with! Stay tuned what we're painting for our Christmas collection :) 

for more inquiries please e-mail 
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Customized and Hand Painted Canvas Shoes and Velvet Heels 

Hand Painted tropical tote bags that is spacious enough as an on-the-go bag.

your very own personalized travel accessory: Hand painted passport envelopes! 

Help CDO

Weeks after the Typhoon everyone in CDO are still trying to recuperate. From Water shortage, food, health, telephone lines I admit there is still so much work to do. Apart from the fact that water is still a problem (clean water as a necessity for hygiene and cleaning the muddy areas and homes) Fast food chains are using Styrofoams and disposable utensils instead of breakables and stainless spoon and forks. This could really mean serious to the environment -- hundreds and thousands of plastic bottles and styros are being shipped to CDO (most are used in relief distributions) such demand triples the usual usage of styros and plastics in the city.

The XCCA - Museo de Oro of Ateneo de Cagayan University raises concern about how do we go around these unwanted garbage; Sir Nonoy Estarte over our random talk with Fria and Valerie pointed the matter. Maybe a good Installation Art Exhibit using recycled materials like plastic bottled water, cellophane etc. Will give light to such vision -- this is also in relation to the recent tragedy by typhoon Sendong that hit the city leaving 1,000 dead and a lot of figures still missing. 

Concept Papers are requested for review and approval at the Museo de Oro until January 25;Mounting of approved Art Pieces will be on the 31st and Opening is on February 3 (February is National Art/Artist Month) 3pm at the University Museum as the Venue. Any changes of details will be relayed.

an eye sore.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Intramuros Philippines

It is a Primary symbol of former Spanish influence in the Philippines.  Intramuros  was the nerve center of the country during the three hundred years of Spanish rule.  From within its walls emanated the highest political and religious power in the former colony of Spain and YES it's high time to visit the site before it'll rubble down to pieces.

So, NEXT WEEK. Hello to you the former empire of Intramuros i shall exploit you until i get tired. Hehe that's kinda weird to say. I was thinking of joining Carlo Celdran's crowd of tourists but nah i'm not the obedient kind so i'll make my own track.

photo from random site. oops [i'll provide mine soon] :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tensegrity Dome

In Celebration of the CAFA Week, apart from the displays and Mr and Ms CAFA. a Professor from Japan Mr Takaaki Bando of Science of design Musashino Art University generously shared his visions on synergetics and the tensegrity dome; orientation was held in the lobby morning of December 6; students from fourth year and few from fifth year gathered around to participate, i was there in presence with the IPD and friends.

the said activity is the application of the principle behind geodesic structure created through the division of a regular icosahedron, the largest ployhedron composed of rectangular triangles. It's actually really cool... nothing is too cool and impressive than the combination of engineering and design, i believe none of each will ever succeed without the other. :)

enough said! here are few photos i took randomly during the said activity. 

the other half to work on tomorrow morning 9am. all is well for now. back to organizing my website, can't wait to open, i'm getting impatient. really...but that's another story :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tala'andig and Bukidnon Tribes

The Tala'andig tribe is found in the mountain ranges of Kitanglad, 2 hours away from Malaybalay City Bukidnon, this self sustaining tribe bridges history of our forefathers and the present. Bukidnon composes the famous 7 tribes  namely: Manobo, Tigwahanon, Talaandig, Higaonons, Umayamnon, Matigsalug, and Pulangihon. They've been residing this 12 hectare ancestral domain land for years, however, due to DENR imposing law to limit the conversion of forest land to agriculture area the tala'andig tribe known for farming has slowly found other means of living mainly to survive. Thus, from planting and growing crops some slowly migrated to the suburbs and even in huge cities like Manila. NOT that its bad and unbecoming, it's just that if there are dying dialects  in Aurora Philippines who knows what may happen to this tribe in years time. Apart from the rich culture they possess, this marginally considered thriving community in my personal reflection should take into consideration what they generally possess rather than live the common lifestyle of the so called "educated" and "civilized". In my own view the government itself has not structured programs, and constructive platforms to firmly develop the said community or for that the Indigenous Peoples community in the Country. Come to think of it, Australia a first world country prioritize culture preservation through structured programs and platforms, in fact, they offer courses that focus on the study of how social changes affect of their aborigines.

I hope for the best of our own.

The Tala'andig tribe [by now] and its majority venture into soil painting - even those with no appropriate skill and knowledge dwell on the idea that they can earn, sell and basically buy bugas and put food on the table. [This again is not a way  to discourage the thought] I only find it quite disheartening when there is so much other ways for them to live and the government's hand to help just seem too short it cannot find its way there.

For the upcoming second semester of this school year I will tackle this issue in my thesis proposal, I did a little research when I went to the site, did interviews and the likes. Me and 2 of my good friends as company even brought offerings for ritual. I am happy to have to experience a day with this tribe. Such beautiful journey, such beautiful people, such beautiful history they have.

I should also not fail to mention, the few personalities with visions to promote indigenous knowledge and encourage the lumads to preserve and value their kind - Datu Vic Saway and Datu Waway Saway , two names that will soon will make a buzz on their individual quests as visionaries for culture and the arts respectively.
The Bukidnon Tribe however, is a small community found in daraghuyan bukidnon, they share the kitanglad fog often in the day. The tribe is generally guided by the Babaylan - their spiritual leader. This small tribe is rather more naive and vulnerable compared to the Tala'andig tribe, though some has tasted the city life like Manong Paquing he still find his way back to his roots and the community - now planting 1.5 hectare strawberry field and calla lilies sold for 30 pesos a dozen commissioned by any  flower shop in Malaybalay City. Simple yet for him is self fulfilling. This tribe though small counting to 100 families live by farming and trade. And NOW inch by inch trying to venture into soil painting as well [since, the tala'andig popularized such term for new money making]
Is there something wrong elsewhere?

From the perspective of the lowlander : YES.